Ard Chúram

Meals and Catering

For all of our clients visiting the Centre each day, an integral part of the experience is the food provided. On arrival each morning clients are greeted by the aroma of freshly baked scones and wholemeal porridge loaf with freshly brewed tea and coffee.
At 12.30pm we serve a freshly prepared three course lunch. Hearty farmhouse vegetable soup is enjoyed by everyone before tucking into their main course which varies everyday from roast dinners, stews, casseroles and fresh fish along with many more delicious creations. To top it off dessert is served up and this is always a treat amongst our clients. Everything from freshly baked tarts and crumbles to warming creamed rice or trifles and fruit mousses are served. All of our ingredients are sourced locally ensuring the finest quality meat, fish and vegetables are served to our clients.

All dietary requirements are catered for at the centre by our Chef Sid Sheehan who runs Nourish By Nature Cookery School and Wellness Centre. Sid is also a registered Nutritional Therapist which really adds to the understanding of dietary needs for our clients. Sid ensures that a nourishing meal is provided to each client which contains all of the essential nutrients to bolster their health

Our Chef

Sid Sheehan

We asked Sid to give some insight into his role in the centre, here’s what he had to say:

“From both a Chef’s perspective and a Nutritionist’s perspective finding the perfect combination to benefit the client’s needs can be quite the balancing act at times. Thankfully having experience in both fields I think we’ve got it down to a fine art. A Chef will always want to deliver the tastiest and most flavoursome food while a Nutritionist will always endeavour to provide well balanced and nutrient dense food. Each and every day we serve healthy and wholesome dishes packed with flavour leaving our clients pleasantly satisfied and nourished. They’re always so thankful and appreciative of “the lovely tasty Food” and receiving their heartfelt compliments daily really is the best form of job satisfaction you could ask for. “