The Ard Chúram Fuchsia Centre provides dementia specific, person centred care to meet the needs of people with dementia in a warm, welcoming and safe environment.

Our committed staff work with each person to ensure they feel comfortable and supported and that their individual needs are met as far as possible.

The following is the program of activities that takes place at the Fuchsia Centre:


  1. Welcome chat, Introductions
  2. Seated Exercises
  3. Ball game exercises
  4. Sonas Programme
  5. Tovertafel
  6. Word Games
  7. Quizzes
  8. Jigsaws
  9. Proverbs / Humorous Poems
  10. Reminiscence
  11. A Key to me
  12. My life story book
  13. Bingo with prizes for line/box
  14. Card game ((recognition)
  15. Art / Painting
  16. Indoor gardening, planting bulbs & continued aftercare
  17. Outdoor gardening. When weather permits spring, summer
  18. Walks outdoors / indoors
  19. Celebrations birthday, Easter, Christmas
  20. Baloons / Bubbles therapy
  21. Music sessions / singalongs (when restrictions lift)
  22. Doll therapy
  23. Rummage box
  24. Hand massage
  25. DVD bygone days / old Ireland